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S-CountryDesk is an international network which has been established as a joint project between the Major German Savings Banks and their European and overseas partners.

S-CountryDesk gives customers of German savings banks the opportunity to have access to the infrastructure, product offerings, local expertise and capabilities of these foreign banks.

The personalized web of contacts with our international partners and their customers, as well as promotion agencies, chambers of industry and commerce and other service providers is made available through dedicated Relationship Managers from the group of Major German Savings Banks.

Every entrepreneur knows what a network of reliable partners is worth. Many things become easier when you can have recourse to the knowledge and capabilities of our longstanding cooperation partners who you know personally.

However networks like this require years to build and take shape. That is why only very few small and medium-sized companies have connections abroad such as these at their disposal.

As a savings bank customer you do not need to build your own international network. Because you already have one: S-CountryDesk. S-CountryDesk connects the major German savings banks with renowned European and overseas banks and service providers. So wherever your international business takes you - you can expect to have the infrastructure, competence and personalized customer care from our cooperation partners at your service.