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Export to Japan 14: Setting up a Business in Japan

Land: Japan

Veranstalter:EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

24-02-21 | 10:30 - 11:00 AM CET

What should you know when setting up a business in Japan?

When a foreign company chooses an agent to import and distribute and sell products in Japan, it is useful to set up a representative office in Japan to oversee its agent(s) and perform supplemental tasks such as market survey, public relations and advertising. When a foreign company establishes a base for business operations in Japan, it may setup a branch office or a subsidiary in the form of joint-stock or limited liability entity. A foreign company may also choose to invest in a joint venture or in equity participation to a Japanese company. Local governments of Japan offer various incentives to foreign companies and foreign-affiliated companies which open an office in regional cities.

This webinar assists EU companies, in particular small- and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), in knowing of various ways to set up a business in Japan and finding a best option to maximize business presence of EU products in Japanese market.


Quelle: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation